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PicturePaper® Gift Wrap Lets You Give a Present Like None Other

PicturePaper wrapping paper is an exciting new approach to gift giving. It lets you create the perfect gift wrap for every special occasion and event. Nowhere else in the world has the artistry and technology of design, web site interaction and printing been brought together in such a simple yet effective manner. construction of personalized gift wrap
You begin with a selection of over 100 different gift wrapping patterns. Most of these patterns are licensed from a leading provider of gift wrap in the United States, so you are assured of the most professional artwork for your gift wrap. For your convenience, designs are organized into the following categories:
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Baby/Infants
  • Weddings/Anniversaries
  • Valentine/Romance
  • Everyday Celebrations
  • Artists/Photographers
  • Logos
selection menus for custom gift wrap categories
After selecting a particular event or type of custom gift wrap paper you will be presented with the recommended designs for that category. The white spaces on the design represent where your image, artwork or photograph is going to be inserted on the gift wrapping paper.

NOTE: Businesses , Graphic Designers,  Photographers and Artists

The categories labeled "Logos" and "Graphics/Photographs" allow you to print your images or pictures without using our standard backgrounds. We shape our template to your graphic, allow you to arrange your artwork in blocked or staggered layouts of various heights.  If you want you images spaced apart, you will also be able to add a background color to your designs.
selection menus for baby infant birthday and anniversary wedding gift wrap designs
Once you have selected a background pattern you will be asked to upload your picture, photo, artwork or logo. Simply use the BROWSE button to locate the correct image on your computer and then press the UPLOAD button to move the image to our website to incorporate it into your gift wrapping paper design.

After the image has uploaded it will be displayed within the viewing window. If you are satisfied with the image, press the "Use This Image" button to add it to your design.
shows picture editing of wedding gift wrap
After uploading your image you EDIT your image into the gift wrap design. Our online simple-to-use editing tools let you position and size your picture so that you capture the very best elements onto the gift wrap.

The Size buttons will let you shrink or enlarge your image to fit within the editing frame.
The Rotate buttons will rotate the picture for best alignment and the Flip buttons will flip the image.

You may move your image using either the MOVE keys or by placing your curson on the image, holding down the mouse button and dragging the image to the desired location.

When you are finished with your edits press the NEXT button to continue.
shows picture editing of wedding gift wrap
You can then see your picture merged with the gift wrap design on a sample image. This shows you how a six inch by nine inch piece of the wrapping paper would look, about the size of a lingerie box. If you like what you see then you can add it to your shopping basket or save it on our server so you can review it later or let a friend give you a second opinion.

Don't like how the design worked out, don't worry. More Edits will let you keep working on this design or begin a New Design. Try a new picture or a new gift wrap background or both.  The combinations are endless.
sample of wedding gift wrap with photos inserted
While on the Shopping Cart page don't forget to use the Paper Calculator which will help you determine how much gift wrap you will need to order for your celebration. Then order as many rolls as you need of as many designs as you like. You may set the length of each roll from 4 to 25 feet.

When it is time to order your personalized gift wrap we will ship it to you generally within 3 business days of your order via USPS for delivery to almost any address worldwide. Payments are made online using your major credit card, electronic check or your PayPal account.
ordering screen forPicturePaper gift wrap
It's not a test. Take your time. Enjoy the process.


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